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What is the Laurier Football Club?  

The Laurier Football Club was created to bring together people who are passionate about the Laurier football program. There are thousands of us; many were Laurier students and football alumni, while a growing number are community members who enjoy the local, provincial and national university football scene.

As we watched the Hawks win their second Vanier Cup in 2005, it became apparent that Canadian university football is alive and well. It is very competitive and exciting - but if we wanted the Laurier program to remain competitive (and have a chance to win a national title on a regular basis), then we needed to go beyond being spectators of the sport.

There is incredible power in numbers and we have the ability to really support the program. The support begins in organizing all those who are Golden Hawk fans. We are all committed but we are not all engaged. For this reason, the LFC was created to act as the glue that allows us to make a difference for the football program.

The LFC bundles together all previous 'booster' efforts (QB Club, 5th Quarter Club) so that we now have one group that works together for the football program. It allows supporters to participate through not only financial support but many different roles as well. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Recruiting Support
We are the eyes in the communities across Canada. We can let the football program know when there are athletes that should be considering Laurier. In fact, we probably know the kids' parents or friends!

Also, when the football coaches bring a potential recruit into Waterloo they usually bring their parents. The LFC could support the program by having one of its local members meet with the recruit's parent(s) while their son is touring the campus.

Summer Employment
The football coaches have always said that they would like to have the players stay and work in Waterloo for the summer - this way they can make sure they are training and developing as a team of committed athletes. We could garner the support of our friends and associates in the local businesses community who would be interested in hiring a Laurier athlete to work for them in the summer.

By creating the LFC, we have empowered you all to help in many ways. Itís all about passion for the school and for the football program!

It has made a difference for the Laurier football program. The time - as always - is now to play an active role in supporting the coaches and players so that they can move forward with maintaining Laurier's winning tradition.

- John Whitney, Peter Izzio and Dan Polischuk
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